RF solutions

When using Radio Frequency technology, the choice is obvious: wireless solutions using 4G or 5G networks. Wireless solutions are flexible, agile and offer fast download speeds. RF solutions are versatile and applicable in a wide range of situations, making them perfect for dynamic environments where wireless freedom and high-speed connections are essential.

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RF Feeder, radiating, FTTA, PTTA

RF feeder cables, waveguides, radiating cables, FTTA, PTTA cabling solutions

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coax, 4,3-10, Nex10, cluster jumpers

connectors, jumpers, DC cable extension, AISG cables

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coax, DC, FO

coax, hybrid DC & FO fastening devices, …

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grounding kits, AISG cables

passive DAS components, grounding kits, wall entries, hot & cold shrink, …


trimming, stripping

trimming, stripping, preparation, hoisting grips, …

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high capacity antennas

indoor (omni)directional, MIMO SISO, high capacity antennas,…

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Test & Inspection

RF testers

RF & FO testers, PIM test kits, 5G Cell Test Site solutions

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