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Fibre Optics use light pulses to send data. These pulses are generated by a laser diode or LED and are transmitted via thin fibre-optic cables, which consist of an optically pure glass core. By reflecting light within themselves, these fibres can send large amounts of data at higher speeds over longer distances. And thanks to their flexibility, they can be used in different configurations, increasing their versatility.

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duct, micro, aerial, cca

basic duct cables, microcables, aerial & facade cables, CPR & sensing cables, ….

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HDPE, 5 to 160 mm, multi, micro

HDPE ducts, microducts, multiducts, connectors, gas blocks

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underground utility boxes, lint, band, net, plates

underground utility boxes, protection & warning lint, band, net, plates

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patchcords, pigtails, adaptors

patchcords, pigtails, adaptors, preterminated cables, mpo/mtp solutions

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panels, cabinets, DIN rails, boxes

ODF's, 19" cabinets, street cabinets, DIN rail boxes, wallboxes, closures, …


locators, compressors, rods

FO cable blowing equipment, hand tools, compressors, cable locators, pushing rods, …

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cleaning, lubricants, smouves

cleaning materials, lubricants, fusion splicing accessoires,

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Test & Inspection

OTDR, power meters, fault locators

OTDR, power meters, visual fault locators, microscopes, launch fibres, …

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