Radiating cable & accessories

Radiaflex the optimal confined-coverage solution

RADIAFLEX® radiating cables facilitate radio communication where the usual free space propagation of electro- magnetic waves is hampered, undesired or impossible- in tunnels, mines, buildings, alongside tracks or lines and in large complexes like exhibition grounds or airports. RFS offers the widest range of radiating cables in the industry, with different series and sizes optimized for a variety of applications, including heavy duty applications, in-vehicle applications and applications where small bending radii are required. The cables feature RFS’ patented “higher order mode suppression technique” in radiating cable design. This unique design ensures highly efficient spectrum use to minimize total cost of ownership and ensure operators can support future requirements. With RADIAFLEX, a single RF wideband radiating cable can be used for multi service, multi-operator and multi-band applications. Radiaflex radiating cables 1/2 ” radiaflex cable 7/8 “ radiaflex cable 1 1/4 radiaflex cable 1 5/8 radiaflex cable