Jumper cables

Jumper cables CELLFLEX® foam dielectric jumper cables provide the ideal combination of low loss, high strength and exceptional flexibility for optimum performance. Jumper cables are primarily used between main feeders and antennas, main feeders and systems equipment or Remote Radio Heads (RRHs) and antennas. RFS Factory-Fit Jumpers feature soldered connectors to ensure long-term product durability and best-in-class intermodulation performance. Jumper assemblies with one connectorized side complement the portfolio, providing higher flexibility in terms of length and on-site interface options. Depending on the jacket option, jumper cables are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and can withstand severe environmental conditions. Jumper assemblies are designed to the IP68 classification, providing safety even if humidity reaches the coaxial system. CELLFLEX® jumper cables offer: Excellent contact force Low and stable intermodulation to Third-Order Intermodulation (IM3) levels Highly effective radio frequency (RF) screening Safe operation to IP68 classifi cation levels